Using fonts from the LaTeX Font Catalogue.

Rolf Turner r.turner at
Mon May 3 05:12:42 CEST 2021

In respect of the subject line of this email, basically my question is:

   How the <expletive deleted> does one do it?

/* rant on */

I have done considerable web searching, and so far have found zero
(and possibly a negative amount of) enlightenment.  Everything that I
have seen seems to start off in the middle --- or at the upper end ---
and is filled with jargon, acronyms and references to concepts that
have no meaning to me.  No examples ever seem to be given.  People
assert that there are clear instructions provided, but as far as I
can tell there are none. I'd like a simple recipe, with one or two
minimal examples, that I could follow and adapt.

/* rant off */

Let me give an explicit example.  I'd like to make use of a cursive
script font.  Looking through the LaTeX font catalogue, I found a font
that seems to be essentially what I want: BrushScriptX-Italic

Now here's some LaTeX code:

% ???
% ???
The quick brown hippopotamus jumped over the lazy elephant.

What can/should I put in the preamble, in place of

> % ???
> % ???

so that I get the sentence shown to come out in "BrushScriptX-Italic"
font?  Are there *other* steps that I would have to take, in addition
to putting lines in the preamble, in order to achieve the desired goal?

Perhaps downloading some package?  Placing one or more commands within
the document proper?

Surely it can't be all *that* difficult to explain in a straightforward
manner!  (But as I said in my rant, I have found nothing that even
comes close.  And that's an understatement.)

I'd be grateful to anyone who can get me started on the right track.


Rolf Turner

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Department of Statistics
University of Auckland
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