texhax Digest, Vol 2021, Issue 49

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Wed Mar 24 10:00:17 CET 2021

Hefferon, Jim S. wrote:

> For me, anyway, the link freezes at "Opening the PDF Editor."

Agreed, but in my case it eventually ends by saying :

> Pages
> mode: null; build: release-2.23.12-JSF-2021-02-12.13213;
> We're Sorry
> Let us help to fix that. Below you can find the list of possible 
> solutions which you can try in case the issue still persist. Please 
> try each step one by one and check whether the issue is solved.
> 1. Refresh your browser
> 2. Disable/Enable your network
> 3. Make sure your VPN as well as browser extensions are disabled
> 4. Try another browser (we recommend to use Chrome/Firefox)
> 5. Keep your browser up to date

I wonder if one can access the VPAT for PdfFiller ...

But having now seen the template supplied by Dana, and bearing in mind 
that it is a /*Voluntary */Product Accessibility Template, I would be 
minded to ignore the supplied version and instead return one of our own 
design.  It would read :

Q1.  Have all reasonable steps been taken to ensure that TeX, LaTeX, and 
related software is as accessible as possible ?
A1.  Yes.

If the answer to Q1 is "No", please continue to Q2, otherwise the return 
is complete.

Q2.   In what ways are TeX, LaTeX and related software partially or 
fully inaccessible.
A2.  N/A

/Philip Taylor/
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