Bibtex with google scholar, any idea how it makes that stuff up?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Sun Mar 21 00:40:43 CET 2021

I was curious to see that a set of notes I posted on academia,edu was indexed by google

I don't usually use google scholar for citation info and now I can see explicitly why.
It made up a really bad bibtex and no idea how it did that :)

If you go get the filie,

I put the  bibtex in the extended information but maybe there is some
standard way to do that. The attached explains what I did in an appendix
while the main document  is more about "toobib" but get
bibtex. The worst part is the url will not even download
into wget no matter what I do and the headless chrome
hangs because it is a pdf file...
If I could download it programatically I think my toobib would work :)

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