How do beginners learn or how are they taught to do "research" with Bibtex?

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On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 11:17 AM Mike Marchywka <marchywka at>

> I'm putting together another set of notes that  is almost
> a manuscript and using this as a time to debug my new tool
> "toobib" which finds and downloads Bibtex entries for a given url.
> This is a more mtaintainable version of my old "med2bib" script.

Is this med2bib that is part of cb2Bib?


> I like it and wanted to document it for possible release. So, it may
> be helpful if I knew how "real people" would collect citations
> for scholarly or other research with the intent of writing a
> paper including complete bibliography ( or a DIY project using
> BomTex as outlined before ).

I would believe each group has its own tools. For example, mathematicians
use MRef:

and I am sure other groups use similar tools.

> AFAICT, every time you find a paper or abstract you want to cite,
> you have to find a button or doi or something and then maybe download
> or copy/paste bibtex into your collection - I don't even think google
> scholar
> makes this easy to automate.  My workflow now just means copy whatever link
> you have to the clipboard, run my "toobib" program that finds the bibtex
> for you,
> and then add it to your collection.
> For example, if you wanted to cite these works, how would you go about it?
> If I can figure out how to get headless chrome to download pdf files, then
> it will even be
> able to read from private cites for which you have credentials.  In theory
> right now I can
> render to pdf ordump the dom for scraping  if a user provides the right
> cookie file but have not
> integrated that yet.
> I've got a lot of quirky code specialized to particular publishers but a
> lot of patterns
> have emerged so often it works on novel sites but I'm still adding stuff
> and
> trying to generalize more.
Is this available anywhere?

Paulo Ney
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