Adding styles to a BasicTex install

Christopher Finazzo chris.finazzo at
Thu Mar 4 16:28:58 CET 2021

I want to add a number of frequently used styles to my BasicTex
installation. At the moment, the .sty files are included directly within my
repository, but I would like to make them available for all projects
instead of having to copy the files around.

To my knowledge, the particular styles (enumitem and hyphenat, as well as
the vc package - although this is less of a concern) are not included in
the direct download of the small distribution or in the version available
through Homebrew Cask, which I am currently using (e.g, `brew install

Doing some research, it appears the directory structure is not present in
these kinds of installs and must be created after the fact. Following the
instructions provided here
seem reasonable, but I want to confirm this information before doing
anything further.

Is this information correct or is there another recommended way to add
styles and packages to a BasicTex install?

Chris Finazzo
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