Is there anyway to add a referer header to a clickable url in a Tex , or for that matter any pdf , document?

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Wed Jun 23 22:29:03 CEST 2021

I didn't find anything immediately and a search for "header" is confusing and quoted "request header" did not
work. I tried to explain this here but without luck so far,'

This seems like an obvious way to track the impact of a publication with the referer header containing a document id like
a doi. This is good for impact assessment or even royalties lol. Alternatively,  I can put a document specific key value
pair in the query string if the server can do anything with it.  But this also means modifying all the individual url's
including the bibliography ( or "BomTex" bill of materials lol ).


BTW, as I start looking at BomTex, and try to extract info from commercial product pages, I was just as this page
below and got a bunch of info although not sure if this is a standard pattern or just odd. Getting back
to Amazon later which should cover a lot,

its kind of crazy how they use meta data but "the truth is in there" and it looks like for many items I can
make a decent "bibliographic entry" suitable for a "bill of materials" or similar.
% 2021-06-23  try led supply againwith body meta
% mjmhandler: toobib handleadhochtml<-all
% date 2021-06-23:12:44:30 Wed Jun 23 12:44:30 EDT 2021
% srcurl:
% citeurl:
abstract = {  Fits 0.125},
author = {LEDSupply},
availability = {},
category = {Miscellaneous},
dateCreated = {2013-07-25 14:31:46},
dateModified = {2020-03-04 16:58:19},
depth = {0.00 inches},
description = {  Fits 0.125},
gtin13 = {},
headline = {Aluminum Turn Knob},
height = {0.00 inches},
image = {},
itemCondition = {},
keywords = {},
lastReviewed = {2020-03-04 16:58:19},
manufacturer = {LUXdrive},
mpn = {03021HEP-KNOB},
name = {Aluminum Turn Knob and Home and Accessories and Miscellaneous and Aluminum Turn Knob},
price = {2.49},
priceCurrency = {USD},
primaryImageOfPage = {},
releaseDate = {2013-07-25 14:31:46},
seller = {LEDSupply},
sku = {03021HEP-KNOB},
text = {  Fits 0.125},
title = {},
url = { and and and and},
weight = {0.01 lbs},
width = {0.00 inches},


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