Online seminars: TeX Hour: Thursday 29 July, 6:30 to 7:30pm UK time

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Wed Jul 28 14:27:08 CEST 2021


This week I'm attending an online research mathematics summer school. Many
of us are meeting online now. Tomorrow's TeX Hour is to share our
experience of doing mathematics in this new context. Both research and
undergraduate learning and teaching is in scope.

TeX Hour date and time: Thursday 29 July, 6.30 to 7.30pm UK time.
UK time now:
Zoom URL:
Meeting ID: 785 5125 5396
Passcode: knuth

Here's some of my experience. There are 3 main lecturers in my summer
school. One uses handwritten notes, scanned. The other two write live on a
tablet computer. None uses Beamer for lectures. All use LaTeX for
exercises. The participants have a bit of a hard time sharing formulas
online. I ask myself, what's the role of TeX in this new context?

The videos for last week's TeX Hour (about in browser TeX) will tomorrow be
available at:

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