different nesting level?

Tom Sgouros tomfool at as220.org
Thu Jul 1 23:05:59 CEST 2021

Hello all:

Does anyone have any insight into this error message?

ERROR: pdfTeX error (ext4): \pdfendlink ended up in different nesting level
than \pdfstartlink.

--- TeX said ---
\AtBegShi at Output ...ipout \box \AtBeginShipoutBox
                                                  \fi \fi
l.418 \end{letter}

It seems to have something to do with a page break because I get the error
when I add a few words to a paragraph at the bottom of a page, and if I add
a few more words, the document compiles fine.

This is in a document that uses a class derived from letter, that
incorporates these packages: rotating, xspace, geometry, url, xcolor, and
hyperref. This is a multi-page document with personal information in it,
and I can't seem to make a minimal example smaller than the whole document
which I do not want to post. So I'm just looking for any insight you all
can offer on what's going on here.

Thank you,

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