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Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Sat Feb 20 23:44:49 CET 2021

Philip Taylor wrote:

> Addressed in the code below.  For a normal run, the user just says 
> "TeX <whatever>, and the output will be a non-zero decimal such as 
> 2.00001, 2.00002, etc.    For the final run, the user says "TeX \count 
> 0 = 0 \input <whatever>", the code will then round the counter up to 
> the next exact integer, so the output will be (e.g.,) "3.0".  The only 
> assumption is that not more than 65535 iterations will be required 
> before a final run.

There was a spurious " sp" in the code as posted at "\seqno = \seqtmp 
sp"; this should, of course, have read simply "\seqno = \seqtmp", as 
\seqtmp contains a dimension, not an integer.  A better version is 
currently under development.
/Philip Taylor/
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