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On Fri, Feb 19, 2021 at 09:49:54PM +0000, Jonathan Fine wrote:
>    I'd follow the same pattern as the one Tom described. Have the external system create ALL the inputs that the typesetting
>    program needs to produce the PDF. Let TeX do ALL the typesetting, and the external system ALL the preparation of inputs for
>    typesetting.

I'm surprised nothing exists like this- a GUI with a bunch of templates
or "wizards" to create document skeletons. I have a rather specialized
setup for all scripted command line stuff and am quite happy with it.
I'm not sure you would want  just have a counter file to serialize
documents although I have
a bunch of project or document specific files like page count
and list of releases that get included in the main tex file.

Even for a scalable distributed document management system,
I'd imagine stuff like that exists that is not tied to a specific
thing like latex, or maybe some kind of "asset" tracking system,
if you are going to assign numbers with unique local prefixes,
say each author has his own, you don't really need a DB to
go get the next document ID. Having a local author specific
list of prior documents that you can publish to a main
DB later may make a lot more sense. 

You probably have a lot of document types- letters, forms, 
manuscripts or tech report, memo, whatever- with
different tracking, distribution, and approval chains.
It could get quite involved but locally you maybe
can isolate a lot of that. 

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