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Harald Hanche-Olsen harald.hanche-olsen at
Mon Feb 15 15:44:10 CET 2021

Just one more note before we can put the hyphen-vs-en-dash question to rest:

The wikipedia page [1[ uses the en-dash consistently. However, on the talk page [2] we find the following comment:

McGraw-Hill (yes, hyphen) publishing companies should ideally have a separate article

Right now the history of the McGraw-Hill companies prior to the recent reorgs/divestments is being passed around in a disorganized manner between their successor corporations. They should really have a separate article. […]



Whether their use of the en-dash for the successor companies is correct or not, I do not know. But at least, here is some support for the hyphen hypothesis.

I remember wasting too much time some years ago trying to get to the bottom of the mystery, with little success.

– Harald
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