can anyone get a citation on this link? It fails on Zotero too :)

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Wed Dec 29 14:30:14 CET 2021

This should be pretty easy for TooBib and Zotero but both
fail now,

I'm getting 403's on wget spoofing and headless chrome
and apparently they disabled Zotero too. I have no 
idea why people don't want their work cited.
Probably would be faster to take notes with pen 
and paper :) This was just going to be part of a 5 minute
post on social media and already turned into a new research
project :) 

This happens from time to time and usually I contact
the publisher but its is probably more robust
to have a better way to download the thing.
Failing that, I'll have to find a way to translate
the URL I guess...



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306 charles cox
canton GA 30115
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