Plotting Airy functions

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Sun Dec 26 14:18:12 CET 2021

Am 26.12.21 um 13:03 schrieb Djones9976 via texhax:
> Does anyone have an idea how to (or even if you can) plot Airy 
> functions in LaTex?

Run with lualatex or latex->dvips->ps2pdf

The initial values für y(-10) and y'(-10) are guessed and not really 


\def\Funct{ exch x mul}%   y'' = y*x         on stack y y''
\psset{xunit=1.5, yunit=5, method=varrkiv, showpoints=true}
linecolor=red]{-10}{0}{0.05 1}{ \Funct }
linecolor=blue]{-10}{0}{-0.35 0}{ \Funct }


\psplotDiffEqn [Options] {x0}{x1}{y0}{ f(x,y,y’,...) }

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