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Hello Lars,

Thanks for the information. Let’s hope this thing can be fixed somehow because it is really annoying.



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Ghostscript is needed to process the postscript generated via pstricks. Ghostscript had some secirity problems so the ghostscript maintainers  has disabled some features by default.

So the xdvipdfmx part of xelatex need to be added some extra options. Though I cannot find the details right now.

Lars Madsen

Institut for Matematik
Aarhus Universitet at math<>

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Dear support team,

I am a mac user, running Mac OS Big Sur 11.3.

After having updated to MacTex 2021 I am experiencing troubles when compiling with pstricks.
In particular, the compilation with xelatex does not provide any specific error, but strangely enough, NO graph is showing in the output pdf.

Even more strange, all is fine instead when compiling using MacTex 2020 version.

Do you have any clue of what it is happening?



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