TeXlive 2021 install on Windows 10

Ron RJF Fehd ron.fehd.macro.maven at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 02:15:12 CEST 2021

Hello krewe

I am a long-time user of TeXlive, a TUG member,
and have installed it for many years on my Dell laptop, with no problems.

My partner asked me to install it on their Dell desktop, Windows 10.

After several attempts
--- installing, then unpacking,
finding the install-tl-windows.bat ... ---
I have captured the error message:

Installing to: C:/program-files/texlive/2021
Undefined subroutine &TeXLive::TLWinGoo::is_vista called at
line 1340, <STDIN> line 110.

Q: what to do?

thanks for your help.

Saturday night?
Yeah, Monday is fine.  ;-)

Ron Fehd  macro maven
cell: 770.313.0575
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