Sep20 TUG news: tug'20 videos and proceedings, election, ctan

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Thu Sep 3 03:09:15 CEST 2020

Dear TeXers,

The main item in the last newsletter was the first ever online TUG
conference. We hoped to release the videos immediately after the
conference. It looks like we made the same mistake Don made when he
thought he would mostly finish a typesetting system in a year-long
sabbatical. It took more than a month to edit the videos, and the
dedicated work of our amateur video mixing team.

The videos for the keynotes and workshop are available now at
and the rest will be coming over the following days. If you like, please
subscribe to the channel to be notified about new content.

I would like to thank all the volunteers for the conference, including
Paulo Ney de Souza, Norbert Preining, Frank and Holger Mittelbach, 
Ross Moore, Karl Berry, Jim Hefferon, Arthur Rosendahl, Alan Wetmore:
you made this possible!

In other news, the proceedings issue of TUGboat is now at the printers.
I did not think at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns I would be
able to say this phrase in 2020!  We are starting to work on the next
issue; the deadline for new submissions is October 15.

The terms of many TUG board members expire in 2021.  We will have a busy
election year.  The announcement and details of the nomination process:

Returning to videos, Doug McKenna found this interesting talk about
GPT-3:  At 4:20 of this
video it is claimed that an AI application can convert a verbal
description of a mathematical equation into LaTeX code.

New packages on CTAN in August:
- algpseudocodex, package for typesetting pseudocode;
- decision-table, an easy way to create Decision Model and Notation
    decision tables;
- frpseudocode, French translation for the algorithmicx package;
- leftindex, left indices with better spacing;
- luaprogtable, programmable table interface for LuaLaTeX;
- notomath, math support for Noto fonts;
- oup-authoring-template, a general template for journals published by
    Oxford University Press (OUP);
- qyxf-book, book template for Qian Yuan Xue Fu, a student club of Xi'an
    Jiaotong University;
- spectral, Spectral fonts with LaTeX support;
- stricttex, strictly balanced brackets and numbers in command names;
- texnegar, kashida justification in XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX;
- totalcount, commands for typesetting total values of counters.

Happy TeXing!
Boris Veytsman
TUG President

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