How can I install MikTex on CentOS 7?

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> Bob Tennent wrote:
> Anaconda is the graphical system installer on CentOS.
> In some restricted universe of discourse, possibly.  In the more general
> universe of discourse, Anaconda
> <>is :
> *"Your data science toolkit With over 20 million users worldwide, the
> open-source Individual Edition (Distribution) is the easiest way to perform
> Python/R data science and machine learning on a single machine. Developed
> for solo practitioners, it is the toolkit that equips you to work with
> thousands of open-source packages and libraries." *
> What does it have to do with either AI or TeX? Is there more than one
> "anaconda"?
> What it has to do with TeX I have no idea; however, previous contributors
> to the thread have stated that there is indeed a relationship between the
> two.
> What it has to do with AI is that a research project with which I am
> involved is written in Python, and the recommended development platform is
> Anaconda <> + Jupyter Notebook
> <>.
> *Philip Taylor*

  Perhaps I should clarify my last email.

On Linux (Mint or Ubuntu) I install Tex-live in a sub-directory in my home
directory and add the path to the TeX binaries to the top of my PATH
environmental variable.  I let programs such as R install any TeX
dependencies in the standard directories.  I change the options in
TeXstudio or Kile to ensure that they access tex-live rather than the older
versions installed by the package manager.  This method has not given rise
to any problems.

The anaconda in question is a Python distribution with a lot of extension
modules and not the CEntOS installer.  By default, it installs in your home
directory and adds paths to its executable files to the front of the PATH
variable.  Some earlier versions of anaconda included some TeX executable
files. The default PATH variable would mean that these would be found
before the proper files.  I solved the problem by amending the PATH
variable or changing the name of the offending programs.  Anyway, the
current version of anaconda that I have installed on Windows and Linux does
not appear to have any TeX files.  I suspect that some of the anaconda
modules do have or can use TeX dependencies.
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