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Chapter 12 of Don's "Literate Programming" (the book of 1992, not the
article of 1984 included therein; see has "An Example of
CWEB (1990)", already co-authored by Silvio Levy and Don Knuth, and
based on a program by Klaus Guntermann and Joachim Schrod.

The intro to this chapter specifically notes: "CWEB does not require
special facilities for macro processing and string manipulation, because
C already provides such features."

> 'HAM'
A slightly modified version of HAM is prominently featured in chapter 11
of "Digital Typography" (see; this chapter itself
describes CTWILL, the sister program of CWEAVE, used for the SGB and
MMIX books, and only recently revived in TeX Live 2019 by yours truly
for more broader use. :o)

> created in preparation of "The Stanford HraphBase' (see
This, of course, should have been "The Stanford GraphBase".

> Don used C as the implementation language [of SGB]
Skimming the source code of "The Stanford GraphBase" shows the use of
'calloc' for dynamically creating objects at runtime, something that is
at best awkward to do in Pascal and at worst not portable between Pascal
dialects.  Moreover, SGB's 'gb_graph.w' has an "Important Note"
regarding an assumption about the workings of 'calloc' (see


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