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On 2020-05-15 at 20:49:00 +0100, Philip Taylor wrote:

 > Philip Taylor wrote:
 > > Thank you Phelype / David / Paulo / Justin / Herbert / (any more
 > > still to answer).Ê It would therefore seem that my download was
 > > corrupted Ñ I will try again.
 > Or perhaps not Ñ even when told to open it with TeXworks.exe (from
 > TeX Live 2020), my system still tries to open it with Adobe Acrobat
 > or Acrobat Distiller.Ê I can only think that TeXworks "knows" what
 > sort of files it can open, and tries to hand on those that it
 > believes that it can't.Ê If TeXworks is already open and the file
 > dragged to it, it displays just fine.Ê The embedded language is not
 > Pascal, that I can see, so it can't be a normal "Weave" file Ñ
 > maybe "Cweb" or somesuch.

Yes, it's CWEB.  Files with the extension ".web" produce Pascal and
files with ".w" produce C code.

I suppose that you invoked TeXworks from the command line and passed
the .w file as an argument.  It's certainly a bug (or at least
unintended behaviour) you may want to report if TeXworks passes a file
to a PDF viewer unless the extension is ".pdf".


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