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Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at
Sat May 2 10:10:50 CEST 2020

Am 01.05.20 um 21:31 schrieb Abbot Patrick:
> Hi Uwe,
> Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question so quickly. 
> But, I'm still having trouble. I'll include some screen shots in hopes 
> of helping you understand the problem better...
> In TexWorks under "Preferences", the Typesetting tab lists "Paths for 
> TeX and related programs". I added the path for my .sty file to the 
> list, closed the program and restarted it and it still can't find the 
> file. I've placed my .sty file in a number of different places on the 
> tree, each time adding the path to TeXWorks Typesetting tab and it 
> always complains it can't find the file. In the meantime, I've copied 
> the contents of the .sty file to the preamble, which works, but I 
> don't want that much info in every preamble, obviously.
> Does this need to have the database rebuilt? Or ...?

Yes, but you should make a difference between TeXworks and the TeX 
TeXworks is an editor and needs the paths for the _programs_ to run from 
the editor. But you are asking for the directories where the TeX/LaTeX 
source files
should be saved. From the MiKTeX website:

      Your own TEXMF root directories

You can register additional TEXMF root directories. For example, if you 
have files (such as LaTeX styles) that you want to integrate into the 
MiKTeX setup, you can do the following:

 1. Create a directory, say |\mytexmf|, which serves as the new TEXMF
    root directory.
 2. Create TDS-compliant subdirectories and move/copy your files here.
 3. Start /MiKTeX Console/ and open the |Settings| page.
 4. Click the |Directories| tab.
 5. Click the |Add| button and browse to the TEXMF root directory
    created earlier (step 1).
 6. Run from the menue Tasks->Refresh file name database

for an own package "myPackage.sty"  save it into something like: 


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