Formatting problem in WEAVE

Karl Berry karl at
Sat May 2 00:10:53 CEST 2020

Hi Andreas,

    Alas, if you want to improve the typography for the three "meta
    comments" in sections 566óó568 of mf.web, you can apply the attached patch.

I confess I am uninclined to do so. But if you or someone else want to
take on the job of building the PDFs after next year's release, it's up
to you. (I'm guessing Heiko will not take it on, as he has in the past.)

    A closer look at this special case shows that WEAVE gets somewhat sloppy
    with math mode around "code in meta-comment":

Regarding weave: if you want to construct a small runnable example +
short explanation of the apparently wrong behavior, I can report it to
Don (next year). --thanks, karl.

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