Bottom margin vs. descenders question

Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at
Fri Jun 26 20:12:53 CEST 2020

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 16:29 (+0100), Peter Flynn wrote:

> On 26/06/2020 14:29, Doug McKenna wrote:
> [...]
>> My question had to do with how my application should visually
>> determine a breached margin, without having any knowledge of the
>> document structure inside the PDF.  All I've got are pixels,
>> 72/inch.

> If you're on Linux, install screenruler from your distribution's
> repositories (eg using sudo apt install screenruler)


I have only been able to find a version of screenruler (which I think
is a great program) for GTK2, and one of my systems has moved on.  By
any chance, does your version of screenruler work with GTK3 ?


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