problem with a variable in pdfinfo, probably something obvious

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Thu Jun 18 00:01:38 CEST 2020

Thanks. For my workflow, I just want to put a link on the clipboard and have
a script extract the best, or eventually every bibtex entry. Usually the publisher webpages
have the info but in some cases the downloaded pdf has a doi - scraping is ambiguous
though and you can end up with an unrelated doi... 

I also have in my termplate a title page with an appendix for citing info that contains
a copy/paste bibtex entry. This should be extractable with pdf2text but the exif data
would be less amibiguous.

I do not currently have a complete bibtex exif entry just fields but now that you mention it
I should try to do that but may make it in bash instead of with tex :) 

I also dropped BomTex activity for now  but the bill-of-materials aspect looks like a great way to 
get commercial interest and it can even be combined to maybe track 
revenue for authors... Machine readable here may make ordering from a document
easier :) 

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On 17/06/2020 15:05, Mike Marchywka wrote:
> I'm trying to include bib info in the pdf file in a machine readable format
> and it mostly works.

Please also see a proposal from Frode Hegland and Jacob Voß for the
emerging Visual-Meta method ( of embedding
visible metadata in BiBTeX format.


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