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Mon Jul 6 00:24:07 CEST 2020

Dear TeXers!

I have celebrated the Fourth of July in the USA for several decades;
this year is probably the strangest celebration yet, amidst a roaring
epidemic, political upheavals and the general feeling of
dissatisfaction. On the other hand, as the famous quote, ascribed to
various non-American politicians, says, you can always count on
Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.
Let us hope that the time of trying everything else is coming to its end.

TUG 2020 is coming, and it is going to be a great event. Please refer to
https://tug.org/tug2020/ for the latest news. Another important meeting
is The 14th ConTeXt Meeting in September. The decision to hold it in
person or online is going to be made at the end of July. The
pre-registration is open; please check

A good way to spend your time during partial or full lockdowns is
watching movies or listening to podcasts.  Here are some for your

- ACM bytecast with DEK, https://learning.acm.org/bytecast
- Questions answered by DEK at the Computer History Museum,
- A movie about the last day of Linotype machines at the New York Times,
- A movie about independent booksellers,
   (this rental is non-free, and part of the proceeds benefits the Book
   Club of California)

For those who prefer reading: Oak Knoll decided to give TUG members
10% on their books, please see http://tug.org/books/#discounts for the
details on this and other discounts.

For online shopping you might want to take a look at
https://mathpix.com/hat - or check out merchandise at our store:

June was a busy month at CTAN.  Among the new arrivals:

- beamertheme-pure-minimalistic, a minimalist beamer theme
- commutative-diagrams, CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for TeX
- CondiTeXt, define and manage conditional content
- courierten, Courier 10 Pitch BT with LaTeX support
- dtk-bibliography, Die TeXnische Kom\"odie bibliography
- EkType-Tanka, Devanagari fonts by EkType
- hvarabic, macros for RTL typesetting
- kpfonts-otf, OTF version of the Kp-fonts
- menucard, setting menucards with LaTeX
- MLMath, mathematical notation for Machine Learning
- namedef, TeX definitions with named parameters
- qrbill, create Swiss QR bills using LaTeX
- ShtThesis, an unofficial LaTeX thesis template for ShanghaiTech University
- SpiX, yet another TeX compilation tool: simple, human readable,
  no option, no magic

Happy TeXing!
Boris Veytsman
TUG President

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