Bottom margin vs. descenders question

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Sun Jul 5 17:24:16 CEST 2020

>>   >  On 25/06/2020 14:00, Peter Flynn wrote:
>>   >  [...]
>>   > >  I am not aware of any official typesetting rules for this unless you
>>   > >   mean Hart's Rules (OUP) or Turabian (US) or similar. It's been many
>>   > >   decades since I looked, but if you can get a copy you could check.
>>   > >  Or call someone at OUP (I am asking).

There was another book published by OUP regarding proper composition:

   T.W. Chaundy, P.R. Barrett, and Charles Batey
   The Printing of Mathematics
   Oxford University Press, 1954

I was going to try to look this up, but needed first to exhume my copy
from a box.  Fortunately, there is now a scanned copy online at

Unfortunately, the only reference to page length is included in a
summary of rules under "make-up": "but correct page-length must be
maintained." (p.74)  So guidance must still be sought in Hart's Rules.

However, this discovery of Chaundy online is worth mentioning.  It's
one of the essential sources that Knuth used when designing TeX.  It's
also a good read.
 						-- bb

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