[External] Re: Opinions/Guidance on LaTeX collaboration (methods & tools)

Beuthe, Thomas thomas.beuthe at cnl.ca
Thu Jul 2 18:55:41 CEST 2020


>Just adding my own 2¢ to this thread, but MS Word's 'track changes'.
>function is one of the most powerful group editing functions available.
>I work in a municipality, and documents are being shuffled among numerous departments all the time. The ability to track changes and using or deleting any >specific modification is of enormous value to us. I have yet to discover an easier, more functional method yet for groups of people to work independently on a >project and combine the results into a finished product.

Agreed. This is the functionality that the non-LaTeX reviewers are looking for when dealing with LaTeX documents.
Latexdiff Is a great package to emulate that, but it's not as immediate.
>From what I can see only Overleaf provides something that will come close to this functionality, but I'm putting this out to see if there is a package that I have missed.
One of the problems we have encountered with Overleaf from an organizational perspective is there licensing terms, but that's at another level...


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