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When all you have is a hammer everything start looking like a  nail.


On Thu, Jul 2, 2020, 7:14 AM Philip Taylor <P.Taylor at hellenic-institute.uk>

> Fine, understood Thomas.  I did not think that it was likely to be
> directly relevant, but nonetheless thought it worth mentioning that Excel
> and TeX can work synergistically together.
> *Philip Taylor*
> --------
> Beuthe, Thomas wrote:
> An interesting suggestion, but in my case, the people writing the
> documents are all well versed in LaTeX. It’s only at the review stage where
> things start to get problematic. Although commenting on pdf files works,
> some prefer to be able to directly edit the original to add their
> corrections suggestions.
> What you are describing here seems to be a good solution for the input
> stage of the document, but I’m looking to solve problems more at the output
> stage.
> Good suggestion though! Thanks for sharing your experiences.
> It’s great to see some of the innovative and creative approaches that have
> been taken with LaTeX!
> >Not a direct answer, Thomas, but a question/suggestion — might your
> non-TeXxie collaborators feel more comfortable working in Excel ?  If so,
> then >you might consider accepting Excel as input which can then be
> directly processed by TeX, as I did (for example) when producing the *Descriptive
> **>**Catalogue of Greek MSS in the Lambeth Palace Library*.  The entire
> process is described here
> <http://hellenic-institute.uk/research/LPL/Greek-MSS/Catalogue/Eutypon/e31-a02.pdf>
> .
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