Embedding sound file in a PDF built with LaTeX letter class

Doug McKenna doug at mathemaesthetics.com
Mon Jan 20 05:44:11 CET 2020

I am using LaTeX to create a letter.  The source file begins with





I have a variety of small sound files that I wish the reader of this document to be able to listen to by clicking on a Play button of some sort on the page when viewing the eventual PDF, presumably in Acrobat Reader, or Preview on MacOS, or whatever else displays PDF.  I do not want to send the PDF file to the reader with any external sound files; I want the sound file data embedded within the single PDF so that passing it around as a single file will be sufficient to enable listening to the various snippets of sound.

The question is how to do this in LaTeX.  The sound files are all .mp3, but I can convert them to various formats, including AIFF, WAV, and OGG.

Searching the net for information coughs up references to the "multimedia" package and to the "media9" package.

Adding the "multimedia" package prior to the "hyperref" package results in failure.  Yet the "hyperref" documentation says "hyperref" should be loaded last.  So that's frightening.  Plus it seems the "multimedia" package may rely on the "beamer" package, which I don't want.

>From what I can glean from the documentation for "media9", it seems to require various plug-ins that look for external files, and there seems to be reliance on Flash, which is not good.

Is there a simple and robust LaTeX solution I'm missing?

Doug McKenna

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