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Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at
Mon Jan 6 18:53:51 CET 2020

Hi Fernando

You wrote:

> My students often write things like F’(x) = $\int sin(x)$. Catching the incorrect placement of $ would help them learn. Catching sin vs \sin would be even nicer.

> Your program is presumably adding \( and \) before passing to MathJax? (Those are valid LaTeX, by the way.) could it also strip $ before and after?

Thank you for this comment. It's given me much to think about,
particularly as it is based on your experience as an educator. I've
raised an issue based on your comment.

I'm also taking the liberty, I hope no-one minds, of sharing some
further ideas with you off-list. (They will become public in due

with best wishes


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