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My students often write things like F’(x) = $\int sin(x)$. Catching the
incorrect placement of $ would help them learn. Catching sin vs \sin would
be even nicer.

Your program is presumably adding \( and \) before passing to MathJax?
(Those are valid LaTeX, by the way.) could it also strip $ before and after?


On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 12:30 PM Jonathan Fine <jfine2358 at> wrote:

> Hi Peter
> Thank you for your thoughtful response. Based on it, I've opened a new
> issue.
> latex-type-tutor: LaTeX math delimiters \( … \), \[ … \], and $ … $.
> And I've there made the following response:
> I see four issues here: scope, documentation, error recovery and the '$'
> symbol.
> Scope: Learning to type LaTeX mathematics is the purpose of this
> tutor. It relies on MathJax to provide the instant preview rendering.
> There's nothing similar to MathJax for LaTeX paragraph mode.
> Documentation: Some sort of help page would be helpful. I'll open a
> new issue for this.
> Error recovery: MathJax writes invalid tokens in red. Perhaps we could
> improve on this.
> The '$' symbol: Mathjax recognises by '$' and '$' as giving a dollar
> sign. LaTeX recognises only '$'. Perhaps, because it's a LaTeX typing
> tutor, it should not allow '$' as a substitute for '$'.
> <END>
> We can continue this conversation, if you wish, either here or there.
> Once again, thank you for your thoughtful response.
> best regards
> Jonathan
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