An online LaTeX typing tutor

Peter Wilson at
Wed Jan 1 18:45:28 CET 2020


I've taken a look and didn't like it. You say the first box is the maths 
to type. But when I type $2+2=4$ or \(2+2=4\) I get those as the answer, 
not 2+2=4. You were asking for maths but only accepted regular text. It 
would have been better, I think, to have asked for either some plain 
text or a set of characters with no implication about setting mathematics.

Best for 2020

Peter W.

On 01/01/20 13:28, Jonathan Fine wrote:
> Hi
> I've created an online LaTeX typing tutor. It's proof-of-concept. It 
> just needs a bit more content and development to be useful.
> Interested? Take a look
> --
> Happy New Year and Happy TeXing
> Jonathan

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