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Sun Jun 9 00:31:07 CEST 2019

Dear TeXers,

Summer is the time of vacations and conferences.  I am sorry for the
late newsletter, but I just returned from a conference myself.

The program for our main conference, TUG 2019 (in Palo Alto, California,
August 9-11), looks very interesting:
Please register for the conference if you'd like to attend and haven't
We'd be most happy to have you.

There are openings at the conference workshops,
https://tug.org/tug2019/workshops.html. The number of participants at
the LaTeX workshop is limited; please reserve your place if you wish to

A couple of events are planned for the fall:  13th International
Context Meeting in Bassenge, Belgium, on September 16-21
(https://meeting.contextgarden.net/) and GuIT 2019 in Turin, Italy, on
October 26 (https://www.guitex.org/home/meeting).

The crop of new packages on CTAN (https://ctan.org) in May:

- addliga for accessing ligatures in legacy TrueType fonts from LuaTeX
- almendra, Almendra fonts with LaTeX support
- bitter, LaTeX support for the Bitter family of fonts
- ehhline, extending the \hhline command
- glossaries-slovene, Slovene language module for glossaries package
- hmtrump, a package to describe card games
- labels4easylist, adding labels to easylist items
- librefranklin, LaTeX support for the Libre-Franklin family of fonts
- linguisticspro, LinguisticsPro fonts with LaTeX support
- marcellus, Marcellus fonts with LaTeX support
- mathcommand, \newcommand-like commands for defining math macros
- mlacls, a class for MLA papers
- pdfarticle, a class for PDF publications in lualatex
- pgfmorepages, to assemble multiple logical pages onto a physical page
- proof-at-the-end, a package to move proofs to an appendix
- quran-ur, Urdu translation of the quran package
- subtext, easy text-style subscripts in math mode
- unam-thesis, a class for creating dissertation documents according to
         the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) guidelines
- vtable, vertical alignment of table cells

Happy TeXing!
Boris Veytsman (TUG President)

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