[texworks] inputenc error

Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Fri Jun 7 17:56:36 CEST 2019

Jean Hare wrote:
> Your problem is likely  relative neither to texworks nor to MiKTeX,
> but to a change in LaTeX itself.
> Since April 2018, it default the input encoding to UTF-8.
> see https://www.latex-project.org/news/latex2e-news/
> Legacy versions used 7-bit encoding, or various  8-bit encoding
> (in Latex2e with  inputenc package)
> If you don't already load inputenc,
>  try adding \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} or 
> \usepackage[latin9]{inputenc}
> this could fix the problem.
> An for future use, it would be better convert your files to utf-8.

Thank you for this excellent advice.  I have encounted (apparently) 
identical problems attempt to process legacy LaTeX documents that use 
Silvio Levy's/Claudio Beccari's 8-bit polytonic Greek encoding. Are you 
in a position to advise which variant of \usepackage [latin1] {inputenc} 
/ \usepackage [latin9] {inputenc} / \usepackage [latin$n$] {inputenc} 
might best address this issue ?

Philip Taylor

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