[texhax] Mysterious error

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Wed Feb 27 00:39:02 CET 2019

On 26/02/2019 20:48, William Lee Valentine wrote:> I am a former member 
of Tug, and would still be if I could afford the
> annual dues.

Welcome anyway!

> I have used TeX and LaTeX to write a book, and have successfully
> typeset, printed, and bound it. I have now written, as a report, a
> business plan; but it fails with the error
>     There's no line here to end.
> at the end of one of the subsections in the fourth section of the plan.
This error usually comes up when you use \\ to end a line, but what 
precedes it isn't actually a line, or occurs somewhere it is not valid.

> I am not making special use of vertical space, at the end of any
> subsection, so far as I am aware; I have no idea why this error appears.

You may not being doing so explicitly, but one of the commands you are 
using may internally do something you can't see that has no meaning in 
the context where it is being used.

> I have appended a fragment (the opening) of the report. 

Unfortunately you are using a package called lucimatx which is not 
available on CTAN, so no-one else will have it unless (presumably) they 
have bought the Lucida typeface. I commented it out.

> This fragment includes the first four sections, as it is at the end
> of one of the subsections in the fourth section that the error
> appears. 

OK, I can see it now. My immediate suspect is the double backslashes in 
\lhead, and indeed when I comment that line out, the problem goes away.

Looking closer, it seems to be the double double-backslash between LLC 
and William. If you remove the second double-backslash, the error 
disappears. If you need the extra space, use \vspace*{\baselineskip} 
instead of the \\


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