[texhax] Mysterious error

barbara beeton bnb at tug.org
Wed Feb 27 00:20:29 CET 2019

Dear William Lee Valentine,

I'm not able to process your file (I don't currently
have a working TeX installation), but I have an educated
guess that the problem is in the string " \\ \\ " in the
following \lhead:

   \lhead{\fancyplain{}{Annual Business Plan: 2019\\Personal Recovery 
   LLC \\ \\ William Lee Valentine\\%
   Revision 0: Thursday, 24 January 2019\\Page \thepage}}

That indicates that you want a blank line, and indeed a
blank line has nothing on it to end.  A better way to
indicate this is to have just a single line ending with
an optional indication that you want to skip some vertical


Try that and see if it doesn't get rid of the error message.

The timing of the error message I thini is not related to
the main text, but to the fact that this appears in the
heading which is probably not acted on until the first page
is output.
 						-- bb

On Tue, 26 Feb 2019, William Lee Valentine wrote:

> Sir or Madam --
> I am a former member of Tug, and would still be if I could afford the
> annual dues.
> I have used TeX and LaTeX to write a book, and have successfully
> typeset, printed, and bound it. I have now written, as a report, a
> business plan; but it fails with the error
>   There's no line here to end.
> at the end of one of the subsections in the fourth section of the plan.
> I am not making special use of vertical space, at the end of any
> subsection, so far as I am aware; I have no idea why this error appears.
> [...]

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