[texhax] Alt text tags for accessibility

Boris Veytsman borisv at lk.net
Tue Feb 19 17:01:40 CET 2019

BD> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2019 02:04:17 -0600
BD> From: Brian Dunn <bd at bdtechconcepts.com>

BD> Some ideas regarding accessibility:

Very interesting ideas, thanks.

We (the TUG Board) am trying to organize and coordinate the efforts
for the accessibility project, and standartization of interface is of
the primary concern.

I suggest the interested developers to join the working group,
https://tug.org/twg/accessibility.  We have a general mailing list
there, but I wonder if we need to set up a smaller one for developers
only.  I also wonder if we can organize a meeting of developers like
the (small) one at TUG'18.

Good luck


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