Nonfree packages cc-pl, mex, pl and hyphen-polish in texlive distribution

Karl Berry karl at
Fri Dec 20 00:54:54 CET 2019

    are misleadingly marked on CTAN

I would not say it's misleading. I'd say it's as intended, but
that the freeness bug was previously incompletely fixed.

    a custom, nonfree license (mex105/mexinfo/mexinfo.eng in the mex package).

Thanks for the report. To the best of my recollection, the intent is for
the "public domain" statement in the 00readme to take precedence over
the crazy license files; that's why the date in 00readme is later
(2003), as that is when Staszek and I (I think) tried to do something
about the non-free-ness.

Anyway, I certainly agree the situation is not made clear. I will write
the package maintainers. --best, karl.

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