Weird unasked-for file trace in LaTeX

Doug McKenna doug at
Mon Dec 9 02:18:16 CET 2019

I can't tell if this is a bug or by design, but ...

Execute this MWE for the LaTeX format (TeX Live 2017):


  Hello, world!

This sends a whole lot of tracing to the terminal, in which the following lines appear towards the end of it all, when producing the final single page:

  \@arabic #1->\number #1
  #1<-\c at page 
  {the character 1}
  {end-group character }}
  {internal vertical mode: \relax}
  {end-group character }}
  {end-group character }}

Some sort of a complete file read occurs smack dab in the middle of printing out "[1]".  But notice that \tracingfiles has not been set.

Is this a bug?  Shouldn't that parenthesized file path not be output unless \tracingfiles has been set to 1?

Doug McKenna
Mathemaesthetics, Inc.

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