[texhax] Smaller image-heavy pdf

Daniel Nemenyi daniel at pompo.co
Tue Nov 27 12:45:27 CET 2018

Hi Jerry,

Sorry for not getting back to you first. Incredibly kind offer of 
yours to do the pdfs for us, really the type of generosity that 
gives you hope for this world! I think this compression method is 
higher though, and it keeps the process depersonalised, which I'd 
preffer for the long term. I can't run it on the pdf I sent you 
because I'd need to compile it again with the correct flag set, 
and I've changed the config file so that won't be easy, but on a 
newer file it results in a 95.2% compression rate, from 68904485 
to 3294443.

Thanks for everything Jerry,

Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> writes:

> On Tue, 27 Nov 2018 10:47:56 +0000, Daniel Nemenyi stated:
>>Now when I use ghostscript to compress my pdf, all the links 
>>work. Thanks very much! :)
> What was the percentage of compression? I was able to obtain a 
> compression
> ratio of 12.7778 which resulted in a 92.17% savings in space 
> using the file
> you sent me and Adobe Acrobat DC.

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