[texhax] help

Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Mon Nov 19 16:20:34 CET 2018

On 19/11/2018 11:50, Philip Taylor wrote:
> Peter Flynn wrote:
>> I am under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that TIFF is a bitmap
>> format, so PNG would seem to be more appropriate than PDF.
> Agreed that TIFFs are bitmaps, but PDFs can contain bitmaps just as they
> can include more complex (analytic) data structures. 

They certainly can, but they are basically just acting as a wrapper,
which has always seemed somewhat pointless to me.

People sometimes send me a JPEG inside a PDF, for what reason I wot not.
I think it's because these people don't know that you can open a JPEG in
some software; they don't have GIMP, for example, so they believe that a
PDF is the *only* shareable format, the same way as they believe Word is
the only format for text.

> I regularly
> receive PDFs from graphic artists working in Adobe CC (AI, for example)
> which turn out to be non-analytic, much to my chagrin.

They may be unwilling or under contract not to share the full-res or
vector versions with third parties (I have had this problem when taking
over a contract from a designer unwilling to let me have the vector
graphics, only bitmaps; I had to get their client to instruct them).


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