[texhax] help

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Nov 17 23:56:34 CET 2018

(A better Subject: line than "help" would have been useful.)

    > Is there any possibility to add any dictionary to latex for word
    > breakings.

TeX does not work with dictionaries. It works with patterns. If you look
up the program patgen, you will get a sense of what is needed (including
rebuilding the .fmt files needed and thus changing the configuration). A
little searching should turn up dozens of TUGboat and other articles,
web pages, versions of the program, Liang's original thesis, etc.

However, I doubt you want to do any of this. Instead, you probably just
want to have tons of hyphenation exceptions. You said you were running
out of space. The maximum number of exceptions specified in the
distributed texmf.cnf is 8191.

You can increase the number of exceptions allowed by changing the
hyph_size parameter, either as an environment variable or in a texmf.cnf
file. It should be a prime number. For example, on Unix:

env hyph_size=19009 xelatex foo.tex

(or whatever TeX engine)

Hope this helps,

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