[texhax] Centering "framed box" between two columns

Philip Taylor (RHUoL) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Jan 31 11:18:10 CET 2018

Jerry wrote:
> I am finding it rather hard to believe that something MS Word does so
> effortlessly, is for all practical purposes, impossible in LaTeX.

MS Word and TeX are as different as chalk and cheese.  What one finds 
trivial, the other may find virtually impossible, but overall, TeX can 
accomplish far more than MS Word, and to a far higher quality.  Perhaps 
you should consider a  package such as Adobe InDesign, which is 
/intended/ and /designed /to address such requirements.

> If I had the ability, which I don't, I would create a package that does just that.

I think you would find it both instructive and informative to 
investigate what would be necessary to implement such a package. For my 
own private use I have Plain TeX macros that can insert floating figures 
that span two or more paragraph boundaries, but those figures must be 
rectilinear; the added complexity of handling convex polygons (or worse, 
such as fully analytic outlines) would be such a challenge that I might 
never succeed in my remaining lifetime ...

Philip Taylor
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