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Uwe Ziegenhagen ziegenhagen at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 20:13:25 CET 2018

You are using \documentstyle{} which is quite old LaTeX 2.09 syntax. I
suggest to convert the document to LaTeX 2e syntax, since LaTeX 2.09 was
abandoned in 1994.

There is a however a legacy mode for LaTeX 2e which is working fine on my
TeX Live 2017 machine (using the example from
http://www.weinelt.de/latex/letter.html). Why it  is not working on your
machine cannot be explained without more information, e.g. the complete


2018-01-10 16:46 GMT+01:00 Frances B Bauer <fbb1 at nyu.edu>:

> I sent this message to office at tug.org but then discovered support.
> I hope you can help.
> The letter goes to 18 universities asking for Applicants for a Scholarship
> award.
> France
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> From: Frances B Bauer <fbb1 at nyu.edu>
> Date: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 10:40 AM
> Subject: TEX
> To: office at tug.org
> I am having trouble with printing a letter using TEX.
> I Am a member of TUGboat.at New York University.
> I am using tex on a letter i wrote last year. It had no trouble last year
> and now I get the message:
> ! Undefined control sequence
> before the statement:
> \documentstyle [11pt]{letter}
> and tex stops processing.
> What has changed?
> Frances Bauer
> Frances Bauer
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Dr. Uwe Ziegenhagen
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