[texhax] Using pdfmerge

Bob Tennent rdtennent at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 22:54:13 CET 2018

 >|Pdfpages provides a facility pdfmerge for merging pdf
 >|files and even for merging and trimming. What I need to
 >|know is a way of doing this, but trimming the pages by
 >|a different amount. What I am trying to do is merge a
 >|letter of recommendation, which is half a page long, with
 >|my department letterhead, which is only a couple inches.
 >|If I trim the bottom half from each one, there is a half
 >|page of letterhead, a lot of whitespace and the letter
 >|jammed at the bottom. I have tried trimming separately
 >|and then merging, but that produces full size pages and
 >|doesn't help.

I suggest doing this with pdflatex and the graphicx package.
Set up a tex file that just includes the two pdf files using
\includegraphics*, clipping as necessary.

Bob T.

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