[texhax] Using pdfmerge

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 5 21:25:22 CET 2018

I don't have a real answer but I had just split up a pdf file with ImageMagick and it looked like
it may have been slightly degraded. Curious if others have done this or suggest explanations
or alternatives. This was a multipage report I wanted to insert as an appendix in a document
I'm collating or authoring. If you are trying to create typeset quality documents however 
why not just use pdftotext and extract the text from the pdf file and then edit it with latex
commands and make a normal document rather than a collage of images? 

For scanned source documents, anyone have comments on OCR software?
I'd looked years ago but IIRC this is a problem.

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Pdfpages provides a facility pdfmerge for merging pdf files and even for merging and trimming.  What I need to know is a way of doing this, but trimming the pages by a different amount.  What I am trying to do is merge a letter of recommendation, which is half a page long, with my department letterhead, which is only a couple inches.  If I trim the bottom half from each one, there is a half page of letterhead, a lot of whitespace and the letter jammed at the bottom.  I have tried trimming separately and then merging, but that produces full size pages and doesn't help.

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