[texhax] A new LaTeX magazine: Radical Philosophy

Daniel Nemenyi daniel at pompo.co
Wed Feb 7 12:24:22 CET 2018

Dear all,

Thank you for your kind words!

There are things I wasn't sure how to implement or would like to
improve, so expect further questions in the future ;)

I'll be uploading the class file to github or gitlab sometime hopefully
soon if it'll be of any interest for anyone else out there.

I'm on a debian box so not sure about Acrobat, but if there is anything
about the PDFs which specifies that please let me know! It's certainly
nothing intentional...


Ben Oliver writes:

> On 18-02-07 08:46:14, Alan Litchfield wrote:
>>Impressive and looks very well done. Congratulations. And glad too
>>that the paywall is gone.
> Agreed, this is great stuff and the PDFs look fantastic.
>>Certainly given the content, I can understand the desire to move away
>>from proprietary software. Perhaps the requirement to use Adobe Acrobat
>>Reader to open the pdf is something that can be removed in your code
> Is it a requirement? There are plenty of FLOSS PDF readers around.
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