[texhax] A new LaTeX magazine: Radical Philosophy

Daniel Nemenyi daniel at pompo.co
Tue Feb 6 11:39:18 CET 2018

Dear all,

It brings me pleasure to announce that the magazine Radical Philosophy
has relaunched as a LaTeX-based production -- ok, LuaLaTeX ;). RP was
founded in 1972 and has since remained collectively self-published out
of London, featuring content by many major and minor writers for an
intellectual though not necessarily academic audience interested in
political, feminist ecological, technical and other critical kinds of
theory. For many years it has been laid out in InDesign and then
painfully exported to html for our website, with a paywall to keep the
content locked down and the library subscriptions rolling in. Now
production has become much easier, the labor more horizontal, and the
transition between print and web much more seamless. We've also taken
down the paywall and moved to a supporters model. Having coded the
LuaLaTeX class file myself and being something of a amateur, I expected
the programming to be too difficult. But actually, with persistence and
a lot of web searches, it was just a matter of persistence, and apart
from in crunch time, a lot of it was fun.

I imagine this kind of story will be old hat for many of you on this
list, but if there's interest in a longer description of our new
production model, let me know.

PDFs can be found in the items linked here:

See the editorial for some context:

We're distributing print copies via print-on-demand, seems like this
link should work (untested):

Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to the TeX project
over the years, through the code, documentation and help resources that
were relied upon to make the transition possible.

Also special thanks to Massimiliano Dominici and Onofrio de Bari of
TypoTeXnica for being so patient and encouraging, even though our plan
to work with them were scuppered through fault only of our own.

Keep up the great work, everyone!
Daniel Nemenyi

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