[texhax] pdftex and Unicode

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 23:53:37 CEST 2018

Bob Tennent wrote on 08/26/2018 03:07 PM:

> Look for
> doc/xetex/xetexref/xetex-reference.pdf

Thank you very much; I figured that texdoc was just trying to display a
particular PDF file, but I wasn't sure where in the mass of TeX-related stuff
it might be, or what its name was.

Reading the documentation in that file, it seems that xetex is missing a
couple of the \pdf commands that I use in production work (\pdfadjustspacing,
\pdffontexpand), but it suffices for the particular situation I was in with
the desire to support Unicode in one particular file.

I'm not sure whether there's any (plain) *tex that supports those particular
commands (or their equivalent) other than pdftex; maybe luatex does. (I last
looked at luatex several years ago, at which time it was looking good but was
still definitely a work in progress and not suitable for production use. A
quick glance at the current luatex documentation suggests that it now probably
does support everything I need for production-quality output, and also
Unicode, so I should probably run some tests when I get the chance to see if I
can really switch from pdftex to luatex. I am digressing wildly....)


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