[texhax] Any idea why powerdot would get downgraded post-TeXLive 2015?

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
Tue Aug 21 09:11:11 CEST 2018

Are you sure it is not your system that is searching in the wrong place?

My TL18 has powerdot from 2017

My TL17 fully opdated before freeze also has powerdot from 2017, my TL16 frozen has powerdot from 2015.

Please show a log

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Hello texhax --

I just tried to build a presentation on a new machine with TeXLive 2017 (actually MacTeX 2017) and was surprised that the powerdot presentation didn't properly render correctly even though it was working fine on an older machine with TeXLive 2015. That's when I discovered that TeXLive 2017 (and TeXLive 2018) are using a version of powerdot that is several years older than the latest version (and the version in TeXLive 2015).

Does anyone know why TeXLive now prefers the older and broken powerdot from 2008 instead of the newer version from 2014?

Thanks --


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