[texhax] \epsfbox

Rodolfo Medina rodolfo.medina at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 10:13:30 CEST 2018

David Carlisle <d.p.carlisle at gmail.com> writes:

> the \vtop are doing nothing different to \vbox as in each case there
> is only one nested box, and the vbox around epsbox is doing nothing at
> all as that's already a box.
> the hbox aligns its contents horizontally with their reference points
> at the same level, the reference point of the first vtop is the
> baseline of its first box which is baseline of hello, and the
> reference point of the second vtop is the baseline of its first box,
> which is that of the epsfbox, which is the bottom edge of the image.
> you could use
> \input epsf
> \hbox{\vtop{\hsize5cm\noindent hallo}%
>       \vtop{\null\epsfbox{fis1.ps}}}%
> \bye
> which puts the baseline of hello at the baseline of the null, above
> the image, or use \lower to lower it a bit if that is too high.

Thanks, David...  what I want is done more or less by:

 \hbox{\vtop{\null\hsize5cm\noindent hallo}%

i.e. append, hang, vboxes by their very top and not even by the baseline of
their first box.  Unless any better way to do that...

> This is something very retro about this whole exchange, the usage is
> so 1980's...:-) but anyway

I used to use pdftex some years ago...  but, as a MusiXTeX user, I faced
against a problem.  MusiXTeX requires, with slurs and ties, the dvips -> ps2pdf
way to produce a pdf output.  With dvips -> ps2pdf it is also possible to
produce a pdf boomark side panel, and also hyperlink cross referenecs although
some TeX user claimed it wasn't.  So those old tools seem to be alive and
perfectly working like a charm, but also necessary - so it seems, so it was in
my experience - to use e.g. MusiXTeX.



> On Wed, 8 Aug 2018 at 20:59, Rodolfo Medina <rodolfo.medina at gmail.com> wrote:
>> In the attached example, to be processed with simply `tex <filename>', the
>> word `hallo' is bottomed down in the first box, whereas I want it at top.
>> This unwanted effect is caused somehow by the presence of \epsfbox:
>> normally, if in place of the \epsfbox there were some text, both would be
>> placed at the tops of their own boxes.  Please help whoever can to
>> understand why \epsfbox behaves like this and how to avoid that.  I'm also
>> attaching the ps file.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Cheers,
>> Rodolfo
>> \input epsf
>> \hbox{\vtop{\hsize5cm\noindent hallo}%
>>       \vtop{\epsfbox{fis1.ps}}}%
>> \bye

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